Would You Know a Pet Emergency if You Saw One?

An orange cat is being examined with a stethascope

A pet emergency can come in many forms; from accidental poisonings, to being hit by a car or bitten during a fight with another animal. Some pet emergencies are much less obvious, however, making it difficult to tell whether or not your pet needs immediate medical attention or if you can just “wait and see.”

When it comes to any type of veterinary emergency, timing is critical and can mean the difference between a successful outcome and a tragedy. Knowing how to recognize a pet emergency should be in every pet owners arsenal, and the team at East Sacramento Veterinary Center can get you started!


For Lifelong Health, Pet Wellness Exams are Key

Puppy getting pet wellness exam

Responsible pet owners know to keep up with their regularly scheduled pet wellness exams, but have you ever wondered why we want to see your pet yearly (or more often)?

Besides your pet’s yearly vaccinations (an important component of overall health), the pet wellness exam gives us a chance to establish a health baseline for your pet. Animals are genetically predisposed to hide signs of illness or injury until a condition is advanced, and an annual exam is the best way to catch and treat any problems early. Your pet’s wellness exams are tailored to your specific pet, and designed to support health and wellness through each phase of their lives.


Veterinary House Calls: Old School Hospitality, Modern Medical Care

A black lab puppy looking up at the camera

At East Sacramento Veterinary Center, we pride ourselves on the incredible relationships we are building with our pet patients and their families. Although we strive to make our environment as relaxing and pet-friendly as possible, we understand that not every patient enjoys visiting us. In these cases, you may want to consider veterinary house calls.

Veterinary house calls allow your pet to receive exceptional care, with the old-fashioned feel and convenience of a home visit. Are veterinary house calls right for your pet?