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Personalized Preventive Care

Sacramento Dog Pet Wellness & Prevention

Annual wellness exams are important for cats and dogs of all ages, and we’re proud to offer our pet families quality wellness and preventive care that is tailored to the needs of each individual pet.

Unhurried Appointments

We allot 40 minutes for every appointment so that your veterinarian can conduct a thorough physical exam that includes a full medical history (if it’s your pet’s first appointment) and an open discussion about any changes, concerns, or questions you have about your pet’s health. Your pet’s wellness visit is also the perfect time to discuss flea and tick prevention, dietary needs, and behavioral considerations.

Tailored Vaccines

We tailor our vaccine recommendations to the needs of each individual pet, and your veterinarian will fully explain each vaccine and how it works. If your pet visits a boarding facility, daycare, or groomer, he or she will most likely require certain vaccines. Be sure to discuss your pet’s lifestyle with your veterinarian so that he or she can suggest the appropriate vaccines for your pet.


Optional Wellness Testing

Diagnostic tests that require blood, urine, or stool samples may be suggested during your pet’s wellness visit to check for underlying illnesses, diseases, or parasites that could be affecting your pet. Our goal is to catch problems early on when they’re typically easier to treat and before they cause your pet too much pain or discomfort.

Pet Wellness Plans

Our wellness plans are designed to give you access to compassionate and personalized wellness and preventive care for your pets without the hassle. You have the option to choose the plan that meets your desired level of care and fits the stage of life your pet is in.

Taking your pet to the doctor every year for a checkup is one of the most effective ways to protect your pet’s health. Please give us a call today to schedule your pet’s visit!