Helping Your Senior Pet Maintain a Healthy Weight: Diet and Exercise Tips

Happy older dog.

Just as it is with humans, it’s often easier to keep pounds off of a pet than try to help them lose weight. In other words, prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. As pets age, this becomes even more crucial. Any added weight can put pressure on inflamed, swollen joints, and cause pain, reduce activity levels, and decrease quality of life. We can help your senior pet maintain a healthy weight through proper, balanced nutrition and daily exercise.


Aging Gracefully: Senior Pet Care and Health

An aging dog with a happy smile.

If you have pets, chances are good that you’ll be taking care of them well into their golden years. Thankfully, pets are living longer and healthier lives these days, in part due to better pet nutrition and advances in veterinary care. But if you’ve noticed a little grey around your pet’s muzzle lately, you may be wondering how to keep your senior pet healthy. 

It’s important to remember that aging pets need a few adjustments to their environment to keep them feeling their best. Still, age is not a disease, and senior pets can and do live active, happy, and pain-free lives well into their late teens and twenties. Your veterinarian can help make this happen. 

Read on to find out how!