Elevate Pet Health in the New Year

Dog out jogging

Pet owners often go to extremes to make their pets feel safe, comfortable, healthy, and happy, but we don’t always achieve a slam dunk. Take, for example, a sizable pile of expensive cat toys next to the coveted, yet almost discarded, cardboard box. Our efforts don’t necessarily always line up with what our pets really want and/or need. The good news is that we’ll always keep trying to hit that bull’s eye, and the new year is the perfect time to zero-in on pet health plans. 

Lean Exercise Machine

Most of us want to lose weight, add muscle, and eat better in the new year, and our pets could also benefit from these same goals. Even a few extra pounds can be disastrous to pet health. 

Take stock of your pet’s diet and nutritional needs. Depending on their age, lifestyle, environment, and medical history, they may need changes to their food, portion sizes, and even ingredients. While it’s never a good idea to rapidly enforce a weight loss plan, gradual shifts toward a slim shape are important. What’s more, when a pet feels good, they behave in the best possible ways. You’ll likely notice positive changes to their sleep patterns. They will have more energy, and will want to enthusiastically participate with you and other members of the household. 

We encourage you to make an appointment for a routine wellness exam in order to safely achieve your pet health goals in the new year.

One Paw In Front of the Other

To improve your pet’s health and happiness in the new year, increase their exercise frequency and duration. This will not only dovetail nicely with your weight loss goals but will add to their daily vitality and wellness. A regular dose of vigorous exercise improves their mental acuity, keeps their joints strong, and their heart healthy. Plus, the very nature of exercising together reinforces the strong bond between you. Win-win!

New Tricks

The new year is one of the best times to sharpen your pet’s skills. Teach them new commands or tricks that are fun and useful, such as toilet training, finding your keys, or fetching the mail. Obedience training is a lifelong endeavor. If it’s been awhile since  your pet learned basic obedience, sign them up for more training techniques. A bonus to this experience is that they’ll probably make a friend or two in the process, upping their socialization game as well!

Pet Health at Home

Enrich your pet’s indoor environment with new climbing structures, vantage points, or snuggle zones. When you have to leave them at home for any periods of time, provide them with engaging puzzle toys or treat dispensers that require time and persistence. They’ll likely enjoy a long snooze after receiving their reward, so they’ll be ready for action when you return.

Improve pet health by adhering to a strict dental care routine. This means tooth brushing every few days (or daily!), providing dental treats, and maintaining professional cleanings and X-rays. 

Grooming is another way to improve pet health. Brush and comb their coat, trim their nails, and clean their ears and eyes. If you need help in this department, we’re always here for you!

Our team at East Sacramento Veterinary Center is happy to answer questions about pet health in the new year. Please call us at (916) 737-5670