Take Your Cat With You…Anywhere!

Cat hiking with owner.

Adventure cats are absolutely unstoppable in their pursuit of thrills, in part because their owners are patient, encouraging, and ready to give them whatever they need at the twitch of a whisker.  If you’ve been wondering if you should take your cat with you to work, on vacation, camping, or hiking, the answer is…it depends. And we’ve got some tips to help you get started. 

Wise or Folly?

Many cats are perfectly happy in their sunny windowsill or satisfied in their biscuit-worthy bed. Even if they fully realized there’s an entire world on the other side of the threshold, they might not miss it. That doesn’t mean they are content to watch their owners leave on epic adventures every weekend.

We recommend taking the time to fully assess your cat’s personality and behavior patterns to understand whether they’d truly enjoy going with you. 

Highly Trainable

Cat owners can work with their cats to get them ready for whatever you have in store. Start with crate training. This creates a comforting place just for them that they know they can retreat to to feel warm, cozy, and secure. This type of containment obviously lends itself to easy travel and ensures they are safe when on the move. 

Clicker training is also worthwhile when you want to get your cat to respond in a specific way, and also ensures their safety when out in public. Every time they follow a command, like “come here” or “down,” you sound the handheld clicker. Healthy treats can also be used to reward them for good behavior. 

Gear and Supplies

Leash training is so much fun, but it can take some time for your cat to accept their snug-fitting harness and figure out that they’re attached to you. Positive reinforcement also works wonders with this process. The more they associate this process with good feelings like a treat, clicker, or praise, they’ll be more likely to welcome it.

Health First

Before you take your cat with you on adventures (even if it’s just around the block), be sure the following are complete and up to date:

  • Microchip, Collar, ID tags
  • Spay/neuter
  • Parasite prevention
  • Vaccinations

Schedule an appointment for your cat if they require any of these. They are critical to your cat’s safety and health prior to any adventure. 

Take Your Cat With You

Adventure cats are among some of the most interesting animals, and they’re sure to break any ice. In fact, they are likely to draw a crowd anywhere they go. 

When you take your cat with you away from the safety and comfort of their home, be sure to watch their body language closely. Start with short trips and slowly increase their time on-leash, in the stroller, or backpack as they show confidence and openness to new vistas. 

Please call us at (916) 737-5670 with any questions or concerns about your sweet feline’s safety and well-being. Our team at East Sacramento Veterinary Center wants what’s best for you and your favorite feline.