Let’s Play! Popular Pet Toys

East Sacramento dog with pet toy

Whether you’ve just adopted a pet and are looking to spoil them with new toys, or are shopping for your four-legged friend’s Christmas (or birthday!) presents, it will come as no surprise that there is no shortage of pet toys to choose from! 

But what to choose? Will your kitty actually play with that adorable unicorn feather wand? Or will it just sit in the corner as they bat around the receipt from your purchase? Will your dog really play with the interactive treat puzzle? Or will he ignore it in favor of his favorite tennis ball? While there is no way to tell for sure, you can certainly up your odds by opting for these popular pet toys!

Popular Dog Toys

The sheer amount of dog toys on the market can be absolutely overwhelming. However, some dog toys are sure to make that tail wag with glee!

BarkBox has some fantastic toy options that you can purchase a la carte from Amazon, Chewy, and other retailers. One of the most popular toys among these options are 2-in-1 (which are more like 3-in-1) interactive squeak toys for aggressive chewers. Consuela the Cactus and Penny the Pineapple are great options, as the fabric layers peel away to reveal a “new toy” which will ultimately reveal a spiky ball toy when all is said and done. Better still, these balls are nearly indestructible! 

Tuffy Toys are another great option, both for aggressive and regular chewers alike. These toys are colorful and come in a variety of shapes and sizes (dragons, anyone!?) and can take awhile for your dog to crack into. That said, once they’ve been cracked into you’ll need to de-stuff them to avoid GI obstruction. However, once de-stuffed, the carcass (such as it were) makes a great tug toy that will last for ages!

Interactive Puzzle Toys will actually inspire your dog to put down the tennis ball, at least for a while. Not only are these toys fun for you both, but they can help relieve boredom and separation anxiety as they will keep your dog’s mind busy while you’re away or otherwise occupied. There are plenty to choose from, so take a look and pick your favorite!

Popular Cat Toys

Yes, your cat will likely enjoy the box your shipment comes in, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy the toys you choose in and of themselves. Cats, however, can be just as finicky about their toys as they are with food, so you’ll need to be mindful of your cat’s favorite ways to play!

Cat Springs are a popular and inexpensive option for cats of all sizes. They bounce, they can be swatted or carried around in the mouth, and better still, they cannot be swallowed or otherwise eaten. 

Interactive Puzzle Toys exist for cats, too, and offer the same benefits for our feline friends as they do for dogs. Peruse your favorite retailer for options, or take the inspiration you find from these sites and make your own!

Robotic Cat Toys are all the rage and offer plenty of options to choose from. Some dispense treats, some randomly shoot lasers around the room, some move and jump around in unpredictable ways to keep your cat on their toes. All offer both fun and opportunities for exercise galore!

Pet Toys for All!

Finally, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the laser pointer. While commonly thought of as a cat toy, dogs enjoy these just as much (if not, perhaps, more) as their feline friends. Given the opportunities for laughs as well as exercise, a laser pointer (or two, or three) is always a safe bet for your pet.

If you have any questions about pet toys and their efficacy or safety, please don’t hesitate to ask our expert staff at your next appointment!