Pet Insurance:  Is It Right for You?

dog with pet insurance sign.

Finances are an unfortunate part of veterinary medicine. Specialized technology, the latest medications, ongoing education, and advanced facilities all come at a cost. But who doesn’t want the absolute best for their pet? For some people, pet health insurance can hold some answers, but it ultimately comes down to what is right for you and your furry family. The team at East Sacramento Veterinary Center is here to help you consider all aspects of pet insurance. 

Reasons to Think About Pet Insurance Coverage

There are some very valid reasons that you might consider pet insurance. Reasons to purchase coverage might include:

  • A means to help budget for unexpected (and possibly expected) veterinary expenses
  • Not wanting to cut corners in your pet’s care due to cost
  • Increased accessibility to specialist veterinarians when indicated due to removal of price barrier
  • Not wanting to have to delay or put off veterinary care due to your bank account

Oftentimes, a pet owner would really love to spend the money to help their pet, but are unable to financially. This can be an extremely emotional and taxing experience for both the owner and the veterinarian team.

If you think that you would choose to spend thousands of dollars on your pet in the event of an extreme scenario but aren’t sure how you would afford it, pet insurance coverage may be a good idea. Unless you are a very dedicated budgeter, a well-chosen plan can certainly offer some financial peace of mind.

Questions to Ask About Pet Insurance

Before you invest in something, you want to know what you are getting into. Most of us are pretty familiar with human health insurance, but pet insurance policies work a little differently. 

When considering pet insurance be sure to ask:

  • What costs will I still pay out of pocket? (this not only includes the cost of your monthly premium, but deductibles that need to be met and exclusions)
  • How will the veterinarian be paid? (spoiler alert: for most policies, you will still need to pay directly and await reimbursement)
  • Will certain pre-existing health conditions or breed specific diagnosis be excluded from coverage?
  • Do I need my policy to cover wellness care that I can plan for like vaccinations and dentistry, or do I only need help with unexpected or emergency illness or injury?
  • Do I want coverage for adjunctive care such as rehabilitation therapy, behavioral issues, or acupuncture?

Comparing Pet Insurance Policies

Before just picking a policy and running, you will want to do your due diligence. There are lots of variables from policy to policy, and they are not all the same. Starting with a budget for your monthly premium can help you to hone in on what is realistic for your family. 

There are many pet insurance providers out there, and within those choices a wide range of pet insurance coverage and policies to choose from. We love utilizing online resources like Pawlicy Advisor or ComparePetInsurance to help see things side by side. Of course, we are always here if you would like to contact us