The Joy of Adopting a Pet

girl adopting kitten.

If you happen to Google “pet adoption stories,” be prepared to feel both inspired and uplifted. It’s no secret that people love animals, but it’s possible that a great matchmaking story holds the same power over us. If you’re like other animal lovers, you might get all gooey at the sight of a happy cat or dog. What if this could be you? Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced pet owner, the joy of pet adoption is unlike any other. 

A Look at the Stats

More than 40% of all U.S. households own dogs and about 30% own cats. This places estimates for dogs in American homes between 83-88 million, and cats between 60-62 million. These figures are astonishing, but considering there are more than 70 million pets without homes right now, there’s more work to do.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

If you’re able to adopt a pet this year, please consider supporting your local animal shelter or rescue. Not only is this a less expensive option than, say, going through a private party (or puppy mill), but shelters promote animal welfare through spaying/neutering, deworming, vaccinating, and establishing parasite control. This means that when you find a match at the shelter, the upfront cost of basic care is more affordable.

Plus, because there are so many animals that need homes, adopting from a shelter means you’re freeing up invaluable space for another pet. In other words, one adoption has the potential to save many lives. 

Adopting Older Pets

Young animals are absolutely delightful in every way, but they require (and deserve) a significant amount of time and attention. Not only do younger animals have a longer, more extensive list of supplies and gear, but they need to be trained and encouraged to peacefully coexist. 

If this doesn’t suit your present lifestyle, we encourage you to think about adopting an older pet. They are fully grown with a personality/disposition that’s pretty much set in stone. They can still learn new skills, and they are less wild than their younger counterparts. They’re likely housetrained, socialized, and downright grateful to experience a second chance with a new owner. In other words, older pets make perfect companions. 

Good For Everyone

Pet ownership is directly linked to remarkable health benefits, such as stress reduction, lower blood pressure, and decreased depression. Pets simply make us happier by their proximity. Knowing how happy they make us fuels the effort to keep them safe, healthy, and happy for as long as possible. 

Pet Adoption Awareness

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