Canine Corn Chips: Why Your Dog’s Paws Smell Weird

Sacramento CA dog with frito feet

If you have ever been close to your pet’s feet, you may have gotten a whiff of something unusual. Did the aroma remind you of something? Like a favorite corn chip snack? Yes, that’s right. Many dog owners ask us why their pets’ paws smell like Fritos or corn chips. There are some reasons for this case of Frito feet.

If you have wondered why your dog’s paws smell weird, you are in luck. The team at East Sacramento Veterinary Center is here to explain this strange l scent phenomenon. 

The Scent of Snacks… Is It Something to Worry About?

Dogs are not exactly what you would say, shower fresh all of the time. There are bacteria, fungi, and other organisms on your pet’s skin that normally are in balance and nothing to be worried about. This particular smell of corn chips is caused by the bacteria, Pseudomonas and Proteus. These bacteria emit a yeasty smell, which can resemble roasted corn. 

Dogs also traipse through a variety of things when they spend time outdoors. You have probably witnessed your dog stop suddenly, flop to their side, and roll on something disgusting. This natural instinct doesn’t exactly cause a pet to smell like roses. Canines are prone to walking through mud, water, debris, and other things that can cause odors, too.

The Problem with Frito Feet

Not all bacteria and organisms work cooperatively. At times, an overgrowth of yeast, fungi, and/or bacteria can cause problems. There are some signs that a smelly paw may be an unhealthy one. Call us if your pet is exhibiting the following symptoms:

  • Redness of inflammation of the paws
  • Swelling
  • Putrid odor
  • Pus or discharge
  • Signs of injury
  • Something lodged in the paws or between toes
  • Cut that doesn’t heal

In these cases, the odor is one of the symptoms of a bacterial infection or injury. Your pet will need to be examined and treated before the problem turns for the worst.

Dog Paw Health

Since your dog’s paws will always be running, walking, and wading through all sorts of terrain, they obviously need more paw care. To prevent injury to the paws, consider using booties, especially if they are outdoor pups who like to hike. 

When you return home from a walk with them, inspect the paws and wipe them off with a warm rag to reduce the collection of bacteria and other substances. Then use a clean towel to dry off the feet, including between the toes.

Keep your pet’s paws trimmed, shampooed, and smelling good through regular grooming. Bathing your dog and trimming the nails are both essential to healthy paw care, as well as keeping fur neat and tidy around the paws and toes.

Do Your Dog’s Paws Smell Like Fritos?

If your doggo has some funky or foul smelling paws, please contact us. When your dog’s paws smell weird it could be easily explained through the presence of normal fungi and bacteria. For peace of mind, though, we are always here to answer your questions about your pet’s paws and anything else pertaining to their best possible health.