Doing Your Doggo Right With a Dog Wellness Care Strategy

Dog wellness.

Parenting a puppers is about the most rewarding thing that you can do as a hooman (okay, maybe I am a bit biased). With great reward comes great responsibility, though, and having a doggo is no exception! Thankfully the dogtors at East Sacramento Veterinary Center know how to help you be the best at dog wellness care.

Why Dog Wellness?

Wellness care, be it for bipeds, kittens, or doggos, involves preventive care to stop or slow disease and trouble where possible. Instead of waiting until your pet is doin’ a sick, why not try to keep us healthy?

Not only does good dog wellness care help keep your doggo fren happier and healthier, it can also help us live a heckin lot longer. What’s not to like there? And while us puppers don’t understand monies so well, there is something to be said for proactive pooch care helping to save a little bit in the long run.

Our frens at East Sacramento Veterinary Center know how important pet wellness is and so they even help hoomans to afford care with pet wellness plans

Your Floof Needs You!

If it were up to us doggos, we would rule the world. Until our balls and other fun treasures are accepted as valid currency, though, we need you hoomans to advocate and provide for us. So what does your pup need you to do?

There are so many components to dog wellness and it can seem heckin’ overwhelming. If you take the time to focus a little bit on each area, though, it is not so bad. Think about how you can do your doggo right in each of the following categories:

  • Annual examinationsDoggos are not supposed to show when they are sick, so sometimes us woofers and floofers need a dogtor to figure out when something is wrong. Even though taking a doggo to the vet can do us a scare, it’s important so that our dogtor can notice changes, talk to our hoomans about what they need to do, and recommend things to keep us borking and booping for a long time!
  • Screening testing—It’s heckin better to catch a trouble early than when it’s too late. Takin’ some blood for heartworm testing or checking a poop when the dogtor says to is an important part of dog wellness care. 
  • Good nutrition—You is what you eats! Ask my dogtor about how to choose the best noms for me. It is also important to keep your doggo from getting to be a chonk. Learn how many calories to feed your pup to keep them heckin sleek and sassy. 
  • Exercise and mental stimulation—It do us a boring to be cooped up all the time, especially when our hoomans have to work and stuff. Environmental enrichment and exercise can lessen behavior issues and help us be good bois and girls.
  • Spay/neuter—No one likes to do them a surgery, but spay and neuter can help keep doggos healthier and happier. Talk to your pupper’s vet about the benefits for your doggo. 
  • Grooming—Keeping the coat clean and my toes happy helps any pupper feel top notch!
  • Parasite prevention—Hitchhikers are a nope! Heartworms, fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites are no frens. Maintaining a good parasite prevention routine at home is an important thing for your hooman caretakers to do. 
  • Vaccinations—Doin your dog a poke is not fun on the surface, but dieases like rabies, distemper, and parvovirus are bad news bears! Staying on top of recommended vaccinations is heckin important. 
  • Dental care—Taking care of my teefs is so important. Sparkly chompers feel and smell good and can prevent infections from causing local and systemic organ damage. Dentistry at the dogtor is central, but hooman frens can definitely help at home with the help of recommended home care options.

Doggos deserve good care, and as our bipedal parents, we are relying on you to provide this for us. Do your dog a good boi (or girl) and be sure you are doin’ a consideration and thinking about all their wellness needs.