How to Take Heckin Good Care of Your Catto (aka Cat Wellness Care for Pet Lovers)

All them doggos will pretend like they are the cat’s meow, but at East Sacramento Veterinary Center they know how purr-fect felines can be. Cat wellness care is a big part of what they do, and us cattos have to say that we think that’s paw-some.

It Starts at Home

Caring for your purr-fect pet is something that happens mostly at home. If you fur-get your responsibility as your pet’s hooman, things can become no good.

Cat wellness at home includes:

  • Healthy noms—You is what you eat, and if our bipeds don’t choose a nutritious kibble and watch our waistlines, we can turn into fatto cattos. Overweight cat loafs are at high risk for problems like asthma, diabetes, and urinary tract trouble. And while cats notoriously say fluff off to water, we do need a steady supply of fresh, clean water to stay hydrated.  
  • Takin care of the toofies—Toof care is important, and we definitely need hooman help to keep our chompers clean. Good home dental care routines and dental products are an important part of kitteh wellness. 
  • Grooming—We may like sharpening our murder mittens, but we need some help taking care of the old toe beans so we can make biscuits on you. Likewise, helping us brush out our floof and clean up any dingle berries it appreciated (even if we don’t act like it). 
  • Noping the parasites—It’s no fun to play host to yuck bugs like heartworms, fleas, ticks, and intestinal parasites. Talk to one of the purr-fect cat lovers at the East Sacramento Veterinary Center to find out what product they recommend for me to nope those unwanted guests. 

Mental Health Care for Cattos

Kittehs are meant to rule their territory, and sometimes life inside a hooman home is a little boring. Don’t get us wrong, staying safe is good. But sometimes kittens need adventure! Keeping our brains happy is an important part of cat wellness.

Our bipeds can halp by:

  • Giving us things to watch (a bird feeder to stalk outside of our favorite window, cat videos on the compurrter)
  • Keeping things fresh by rotating toys 
  • Stimulating our sense of adventure with a catio
  • Bringing the outside in with nontoxic plants to explore
  • Spoiling us with interactive toys and puzzles
  • Making us get up from our sploot spot and exercise about 15 minutes total each day
  • Providing space for us to explore vertically (because cats)
  • Teaching me some fun tricks
  • Being a good hooman fren and spend some quality time with me every day

Cat Wellness and the Vet

Of course good cat wellness care also involves going in to say henlo to our favorite vet sometimes. While on the surface we may tell you to fluff off, routine wellness visits are catamount to health. This helps to monitor for early signs of trouble in purr-adise and helps the fur doctor be able to discuss with you how to take the best care of your fur-friend. East Sacramento Veterinary Center thinks this is so important that they even offer pet wellness plans and payment options

Cat wellness is so important for healthy and happy kittehs. Pick up your talk box and call East Sacramento Veterinary Center today to make sure that you are taking the bestest care for your furry friend.