Consistency Counts: Maintaining Flea and Tick Defense 365 Days a Year

dog scratching in fall.

We live in a “fix it” society, which means we typically only address problems when they happen. The problem with this is, of course, it’s typically more expensive to solve issues than prevent them from occurring. This is certainly the case with pets and the parasites that feed off them. Not only is it more cost-effective to establish and maintain year-round prevention, a consistent approach to parasites promotes overall health and wellness


Common Health Issues in Aging Pets

Senior Golden Retriever.

Many pets inch their way toward old age without any obvious markers of the process. That doesn’t mean they don’t sometimes suffer from common age-related issues, however. With routine examinations and disease screenings, we can help pet owners stay in front of the most likely scenarios that often mark a pet’s senior years. The result is that early detection increases the effectiveness of possible treatment, but a heightened awareness of common health issues in aging pets can add to their vitality and day-to-day comfort, as well.


Helping Your Senior Pet Maintain a Healthy Weight: Diet and Exercise Tips

Happy older dog.

Just as it is with humans, it’s often easier to keep pounds off of a pet than try to help them lose weight. In other words, prevention is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. As pets age, this becomes even more crucial. Any added weight can put pressure on inflamed, swollen joints, and cause pain, reduce activity levels, and decrease quality of life. We can help your senior pet maintain a healthy weight through proper, balanced nutrition and daily exercise.


Feeding Your Dog or Cat for Optimal Pet Nutrition

Dog and a cat are eating together.

You can’t control everything in life, but when it comes to feeding your family right, you have quite a bit of influence. Pet nutrition is important and can help our furry family members live longer and healthier lives. Choosing the right diet can be a challenge, though. East Sacramento Veterinary Center is here to help you do the best when it comes to pet nutrition. 


Pet Insurance:  Is It Right for You?

dog with pet insurance sign.

Finances are an unfortunate part of veterinary medicine. Specialized technology, the latest medications, ongoing education, and advanced facilities all come at a cost. But who doesn’t want the absolute best for their pet? For some people, pet health insurance can hold some answers, but it ultimately comes down to what is right for you and your furry family. The team at East Sacramento Veterinary Center is here to help you consider all aspects of pet insurance. 


How to Keep Your Pets Safe in East Sacramento’s Hot Summer Weather

dog drinking from water bottle.

Sacramento summers sizzle, and while you’re beating the heat by the pool, don’t forget to protect your furry friends from the perils of heat-related pet illnesses. Read on for cool-down strategies for pets from our caring team at East Sacramento Veterinary Center. 


Understanding and Managing Allergies in Pets

Itchy puppy.

No pet owner wants to see their pet hurting. Often, the symptoms of pet allergies sort of simmer just below the surface. A pet may be allergic to various environmental triggers, food, or even fleas. The levels of sensitivity to different triggers covers the whole range between barely noticeable to outrageous. Pet allergies are becoming more commonplace. Accordingly, understanding and managing pet allergies is an important endeavor.


How to Handle Pet Anxiety During Firework Season in East Sacramento

anxious dog under sofa.

Firework season is upon us, which means that your pet’s anxiety might shoot through the roof in the coming days. It’s easy to see why when you put yourself in your pup’s paws. Fireworks are unpredictable. They’re loud. They come from an unknown source. For all your dog or cat knows, they’re a sign of terrible danger. So how can you ensure pet safety during a fireworks display in your area? The team at East Sacramento Veterinary Center shares 3 tips to reduce pet stress during the firework season.


Pet Allergies: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Puppy scratching himself.

Has your pet been scratching, licking, or biting herself a lot lately? She might be dealing with pet allergies. Our dogs and cats can experience the same over-reactive immune systems that we do when we come into contact with certain allergens. The team at East Sacramento Veterinary Center would like to share the common reasons for allergic reactions in pets. We’ll also help you know what symptoms to watch out for—and share how we can help manage your pet’s allergies.